About Moi

I was born in June 1981, I'm a hearing impaired paper-crafter who loves all things crafty. I sew, although I'm still very much a novice at sewing. I bake and cook hopefully all kinds of delicious treats. I have a huge passion for photography and the camera {yes I'm old school I still use an actual camera} is never far from me. I also love creative writing from making up sentiments/verses for my cards and other paper-craft projects to penning some fiction. I am an avid reader and I may even throw in some book reviews on here too!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Sexy September

It's Sexy September over at Ike's World Challenges and everyone is sexy in their own way so this was a fun challenge to create for.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

The Natural World

This is far too open to interpretation to keep me on track.  It is so easy to be inspired by the natural world.  Everything about it is beautiful, calming, inviting and generally a precious place to be.

To join in with the challenge pop over to International Art & Soul  I have used the hedgehog image and sentiments from Hobby Art

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Book Girl

I've been considering doing more craft that reflects who I am but I'm still unsure if I have the courage or not so I chose an obvious one to get me started. I think many who know me and many who have merely heard of me know I am something of a book girl or in fact more accurately a book nerd.  I have always loved reading and could never wait to start a new book.  These days it's pretty much the same and I enjoy a few different genres with the only ones I really cannot get into being fantasy and autobiography.  I need reality, something that happens must be possible in the real world which is why fantasy doesn't appeal and I just don't care what other people get up to, it's of no interest to me so I find autobiographies boring.  I have noticed recently that there are less really excellent books around and for me personally I find if a book has a lot of hype attached to it I'm probably not going to enjoy it.  I find prolific writers favour quantity over quality especially the likes of James Patterson, I also like and appreciate a fairly high level of spelling when reading a book...I believe in the use of editors that can double check these things.

I used to keep quiet about reading, many viewed it as a bad thing, I should stop reading and get a life and I felt ashamed of it for a while but now I have found #devonbookhour on twitter I am embracing it once more.  I don't participate every week but try to as often as I can.  It's Monday night's at 8pm on twitter, just search the devonbookhour and follow the tweets with the hashtag, you don't even need to be from devon, just an author or reader will do!  I have discovered I really like this hour as finally I am accepted as a reader and rather than a hobby that is isolating is no longer isolating, the twitter platform means as a deaf/hearing impaired reader I can participate without worry about not hearing and to be perfectly honest I enjoy being able to be me, to be accepted as someone who reads and more importantly being included rather than alienated from society because of who I am and how I enjoy spending my time.

I've used images from Docrafts {grojuss collection} because the girl is stood on books and I love how reading makes me grow not in height but as a person and a book image from Ike's Art

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Nature's Storms

I'm still playing with those canvases as gifts.  This time I've adhered an image from Ike to the canvas and added a quote in gold cardstock. It reads "See the beauty in natures storms" {copyright Sallie Baker 2018}