About Moi

I was born in June 1981, I'm a hearing impaired paper-crafter who loves all things crafty. I sew, although I'm still very much a novice at sewing. I bake and cook hopefully all kinds of delicious treats. I have a huge passion for photography and the camera {yes I'm old school I still use an actual camera} is never far from me. I also love creative writing from making up sentiments/verses for my cards and other paper-craft projects to penning some fiction. I am an avid reader and I may even throw in some book reviews on here too!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cards galore scrapbook challenge

Ok so I'm not sure this qualifies as bright as such but this is as bright as I get for the Cards Galore Scrapbook Challenge.  Special big THANKS to Rachel for all her hard work!  Oh and I know the stamped embellishment dresses wouldn't suit me but they were the only ones I had available.  I know there are areas I need to improve so please leave some constructive criticism?

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Charm bracelet

This afternoon I whipped up a charm bracelet.  I've wanted a cheap and non-sentimental bracelet I could wear, damage and lose without getting too worried about it for a while and I finally gave in and bought some half price charms.  Most of them mean something to me, I have a:

  • Lizard for my love of animals
  • Imagine for craftiness
  • Be yourself to remind me I'm unique bubbly giggly confident reliable and the other things in my mantra
  • Heart, just because I liked the charm 
  • Budda I'm not sure why I put this on there
  • Flower just because I liked the charm
  • Follow your heart because although your head is clever your heart is what makes you happy
  • Harmony because I want everything and everyone to be harmonious
  • Spirit because I think I have spirit and sometimes fire too.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

An Extra Special THANKS

This card will be on it's way to a very special person whose just been an amazing friend and gave me an amazing opportunity and experience recently.  

Sunday, 12 August 2012

A scrapbooking challenge

This is my entry for the Cards Galore Scrapbook Challenge which can be found here Scrapbook Challenge

Um I wasn't and still aren't overly sure which one to enter so I guess the person organizing this can take their pick.  However I should point out I am rubbish at scrapping animals so why I do quite so many I don't know!