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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Around the world

This week at Ike's world challenges we are off around the world.  There's a fabulous freebie over at the blog to help you along with your entry so please do join us.  

For my piece I have decided I wanted to travel and subsequently went to Spain and Greece...okay I admit it I just couldn't choose between the images they are all stunning.

I had a wooden tool box that I hated the colour was very hot pink and I am NOT a pink kind of girl.  So I started by covering it with several layers of Gesso...nope that didn't cover it so I took to using tissue paper as decoupatch papers...nope that wasn't going to cover it either so in the end I used eight layers of tissue paper to cover it but in the right light you can STILL see the darn pink base.  

I covered the edge with washi tape/ribbon stuff and hoped it would stick, it does sometimes.  The handle is also covered in the same stuff.  I printed, cut and coloured the greek men and women before gluing them on one side and the spanish dancer was coloured and stuck on with double sided tape.  I then filled the toolbox with jam jars and a kilner jar for all my craft tools, tapes and glues oh and the cropodile.

I hope you have all enjoyed noising at my strange creation this week and pop over to join us at Ike's world challenges.


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