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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Paper Piecing

Over at Ikes World Challenges we have gone Paper Piecing crazy, well I have anyway!  A perfect way to use up those scraps of paper you keep yet never seem to use.

I am so privileged to have been allowed to combine some hobbies with this piece and I am really thankful for it.  For a while I've been sort of writing a story about a native american indian girl, who doesn't really know where she comes from but doesn't like the modern world and sets out across America to find out about the Native American Indians.  The whole teepee, totem pole and indigenous women carrying babies in Papoose and those cute little moccasin shoes have been in my head for months {literally} and I'm so lucky to have been given the honour of using such images to create the cover of my story.  I've paper pieced the totem pole and the teepee using scraps of papers.  I didn't like the lack of clarity so with some help {thanks Shelley} I printed on to acetate or shrink plastic and dried it with the heat gun.  I used liquid pearls on the eyes of the creatures in the totem pole to glue the acetate overlay to the totem pole and "dots" in the teepee pattern on the teepee.

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  1. Mega-lly AWESOME ... this is such a cool piece Sall and I really love the eyes of the animals. Brilliantly done :-D xxxx


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