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Sunday, 18 October 2015

All Souls Eve Colours at One Stitch at a Time

It's all about All Souls Eve and the colours surrounding that at One Stitch at a Time challenge blog this fortnight.

I don't normally go in for "Halloween" and prefer to view it as All Souls Eve or All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve. It's ancient customs are a mixture of Pagan and Christian belief and was originally celebrated in May but around eight centuries ago was moved to a more dark and dreary date.

In parts of Europe bells are run at dusk for the departed souls and lit candles were placed on graveyard tombs.  It was the Polish who originally believed the empty churches were haunted at midnight because of which doors and windows were left open the following day to welcome ghosts into their homes.

More widely known is the Celtic belief derived from the Celtic night of the dead and the Samhain festival which was observed at All Hallows Eve.  The Celts believed that on this night the veil between this world and the next was at it's thinnest and that the souls of those departed in the last year were travelling their lonely way to the other world and thus for a few hours ghosts could and did walk this earth.

Some people went on to believe that any ghost that became trapped in this world having missed the small time slot to enter the next world would be trapped here until the next All Hallows Eve.  Others believed that the ghosts that remain were those who were unable to rest in peace in the next world, such as those who were murdered and whose murderers were never caught and brought to justice, those who had unfinished business in this world and needed to set things straight or remain to care for and watch over a loved one.

It was during Medieval England that people went "a-Souling" on the 2nd of November.  This invovled going from door to door to beg for a special small cake that was marked with a cross and called a soul cake.  Every cake eaten would free a soul from purgatory.  It is during this period that today's custom of Halloween began with the begging of Soul Cakes and carving Turnips to remember the dead.  Soul Cakes were also left in cemeteries and grave yards to feed the dead and pacify them so they wouldn't cause any mischief.  This malevolent view of the dead could and probably was the beginning of Gothic horror tales, the original stories of vampires and the arisen dead in the form of Ghosts and ghouls.

All Hallows eve is followed by All Hallows or All Souls day, the day when prayers are offered for the departed and they are remembered fondly.  There are various religious historical perspectives of All Soul's day, Most involve the dogma of purgatory and how the ringing of bells can comfort a soul being cleansed in purgatory and feeding the poor with Soul Cakes can alleviate the suffering of Souls in Purgatory.

In England All Souls day was merged with All Saint's Day for the Church of England religion and became known as the Commeroration of the Faithful Departed.  Yet among Continental Protestants it has been more concisely maintained.  During Martin Luthar King's lifetime All Souls Day was widely observed although the Roman Catholic meaning had ceased to exist.  Although it has since become an extension of All Saints Day many Lutherans still visit and decorate the graves on all the days of Allhallowtide including All Souls Day.

Due to the history of this event I chose to go down the food for Souls route.  I believe firmly that there are certain foods that feed the soul and make the soul feel better, chicken soup, a childhood favourite, in my case Rabbit stew.  These foods tend to be comforting but they don't have to be.  I must admit I do love a cheese straw okay a posh cheese straw as I use goats cheese.  So that's what I have made.  I made a small box using All Hallows Papers and popped some Cheese straws in them.  I personally made goats cheese and onion and goats cheese and bacon but I advise adding some finely diced chili and cayenne pepper to half the batch {separate it} then mix them up in your boxes or on a plate if your hosting a party and each time someone bites in to one they get a treat {cheese and bacon/onion} or a trick {cheese and chili}.

I am entering this in the following challenges:

http://disdigidesignschallenge.blogspot.co.uk/ I'm confused on the rules of this one so if it's not allowed don't worry about commenting just remove my link please?

http://chocolatecoffeecards.blogspot.co.uk/ I'm unsure this qualifies as it's a box, it did say card but didn't specify I couldn't make something else please remove if it's not acceptable.  No need to comment just removing the link is okay.


  1. Hi Sall - I could just eat these (chilli or onion/bacon) they sound delicious! I've mentioned I love your little box but I have another DT hat on now and I have to say that it is even nicer on second sight! Thank you so much for entering the Crafty Calendar (Halloween) Challenge this month, lots of luck to you. Hugs Sue Pxxx DT

  2. Pretty box. Your cheese straws look so yummy! Maggie - DT Teamie


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