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I was born in June 1981, I'm a hearing impaired paper-crafter who loves all things crafty. I sew, although I'm still very much a novice at sewing. I bake and cook hopefully all kinds of delicious treats. I have a huge passion for photography and the camera {yes I'm old school I still use an actual camera} is never far from me. I also love creative writing from making up sentiments/verses for my cards and other paper-craft projects to penning some fiction. I am an avid reader and I may even throw in some book reviews on here too!

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Art journaling and garden photographs

Two recent art journal pages created purely on emotions and how I want to feel.

Now to some gardening:

The rhubarbs doing well

The runner beans are growing and we actually have some beans on there!

The tomatoes are growing and I have Tomatoes on the plant.

Rather excitingly I planted butternut squash and actually have a squash forming

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A little bit Sketchy

It's A little bit sketchy over at Ike's world Challenges.  This is the sketch

And this is my journal page about a mouse infestation:

Sunday, 24 July 2016

One Stitch at a time ~ Dies


It's Dies week over at One Stitch at a time I have used Crafty Girl Creations Merry Christmas with a frame and poinsettia die.

I am entering this in the following challenges:

http://lauralcraft.weebly.com/dragonfly-dreams-challenge ~ anything goes

http://lilpatchofcraftyfriends.blogspot.co.uk/ ~ anything goes

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Cards for fun and birthday cards

Okay so some step by steps in this blog post so please hold on in there.

I inked the piece of card using:  Peacock feathers, Picked raspberry and shaded lilac distress inks, then popped it through the cuttle bug to emboss the swirls.

I stamped and heat embossed using a tropic pearl embossing powder the floral background.  I then inked using Carved Pumpkin and squeezed lemonade distress ink.  I stamped the tree image and layered it all up then added some gems.

For this one I stamped the skull and heat embossed with tropic pearl before distress inking with fossilized amber, candied apple and mustard seed.

I stamped and black heat embossed the carnival guy with the snake and then coloured him using the same colours of distress ink.  He is matted on black card.

The "happy birthday" is die cut from white card coloured with gilding polish.  I added gems to make the card extra special.  The photos show the blue version of the gilding polish that I've used on the card below.  The same method was used for this card, just a different background stamp.

The next card I used brushos as the background paper.  First off I sprinkled the Yellow brushos on the water colour card:

Then I spritzed with water:

I sprinkled Emerald Green on top of the yellow

Spritzed more water where needed

Soaked up the excess water with kitchen paper

Left it to dry

Then I used it to make the backing paper on this card:

I added some gems to the base of the easel to make it look special.  The background is using a butterfly stamp with tropic pearl heat embossing, cracked pistachio, fossilized amber and salty ocean distress inks.

The image is an old docrafts stamps coloured wtih distress inks and mounted on black card.

The sentiment is another gilding polish die cut.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Christmas in July and what it is like to be a crafty carer

It is Christmas in July over at Ike's world challenges Click here to participate.

I've made two projects this fortnight because I panicked the original design of a 3d tree and angel wasn't enough.

So I've made a tree with a glorious topper angel from Ike's Art and a card using an image I think just conjurs the poem "Twas the night before Christmas".

Whilst I am posting I wanted to ramble a bit.  Most of my readers already know I'm a full time carer and part time help everyone person.  The issue I face a lot is time why I don't make craft more of a priority.  Well it's quite simple, it's important to me especially as it's become a cathartic process especially the art journalling.  I used art journalling long before I had counselling but it was only on my second attempt at counselling that it became clear craft allowed me to express what I couldn't say with words whether through protecting others or through self preservation.  That said there are things of greater priority than my craft sadly.

I have OCD and if there's a mess or something needs cleaning I just cannot concentrate on craft so that must come first.  The other thing is probably the location of where I craft.  I have a desk in the lounge and access is essential, I'm in a corner near the door to the stairs and the front door.  During the week access is constant so it's hard to craft when I invariable need to use the floor to put things on whilst I craft.  Weekends are best for me as there are less people in and out and it enables me to block access to that door and craft for several hours.    At the moment there is also gardening, grass needs cutting, banks need trimming, again I do as much as I can myself and only get help with things like the bank and hedge cutting, although the kind person who does those will assist with grass cutting I just clear up, it still eats into my crafting weekend though.

This makes it look as though I spend all weekend sat on my bottom crafting that's really not true, there's assistance with dressing, washing, meals have to be cooked {add in a complication here where by everything must be made from scratch because I'm seriously allergic to dairy, not just lactose intolerant but very allergic to dairy, it leaves me with severe breathing difficulties and last time I unknowingly had dairy my lungs collapsed}, medication administered, drinks made, given and assisted with, washing up {after all if food is eaten plates, cutlery etc is used}, laundry to do, bathrooms too clean {maybe it's my OCD but a bathroom must be cleaned like a kitchen once a day at least}, kitchen to clean, I always hoover after a weekend of craft to ensure that no bits are left that could become an issue.  Then there's all the other stuff like assisting with eating, eating myself and sometimes just flopping in a chair wondering how it got so late in the day and yet it feels as though absolutely nothing has been achieved.

Of course every day is the same, well with added medical appointments, it's just that for two days a week I try and apply some "me" time too.  I might not have purposefully chosen this and I'm sure most carers say the same it's not about choice, most of us just fall into this without really realising it.  It's not about changing the priority list or order of priority but it is about appreciating what little time I have left in my life for crafting.  Of course I rarely see it as appreciating it but usually as a negative why haven't I more time for craft.

Mostly it's about having someone say "woah it's a bad day", "it's okay there's always tomorrow", "you're doing great today's almost over".  I admit fully I do have one special friend who says all these things and is always there for me when I need someone to just acknowledge it's not as easy as I'd like or as it could be but it's still okay.  I'm very grateful to her for just being her and not trying to change anything but just understanding this is how it is, it's okay for it to be this way and that tomorrow will be totally different but in the same old day in day out way.

I've kind of digressed a bit in my appreciation of this wonderful person {who I won't embarrass by naming but the quotes will give it away if she's unfortunately reading this} but some days I just wish everyone understood or even knew this perspective of how giving your life over to care for someone else can feel overwhelming where there is a pressure to change things or do something else that requires time a carer just doesn't have.  So whilst I'm sure nobody reads this I would just like to implore anyone who does that they please consider what they are saying before they say anything about time and making something more important and thus creating time for it to a carer...life just isn't as simple as not bothering with household chores or not bothering to cook and meeting friends for a liquid meal instead.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Elements of Nature

It's Elements of Nature fortnight over at http://onestitchatatimechallenge.blogspot.co.uk/ I have used a bird bundle from Ike's world images to create a walled nature garden.

I am entering this in the following challenges:

http://avenue613.blogspot.co.uk/ ~  Birds and feathers

http://greatimpressionsstamps.blogspot.co.uk/ ~ Anything Goes

http://lilpatchofcraftyfriends.blogspot.co.uk/ ~ Anything Goes

http://corrosivechallengesbyjanet.blogspot.co.uk/ ~ Nature/Animals

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sewing and sharing.

I wanted to share this with any of you who take the time to read this blog but as it has recently been drawn to my attention that there is a serious lack of faith in humanity I'm not entirely sure I'm allowed to share this with you.  I bought this as a panel and have cut and sewn it myself but I didn't think whilst in store to check the copyright on it.

I'll be honest with you it NEVER crossed my mind I'd need to check a copyright, it's going to be hung in my home for guests to see over the festive season, it is after all a Scandi stocking advent calendar. If I hang it do I also break any copyright infringements?  I presume not after all I cannot be the only person to buy one.

My attention was brought to this issue of copyright and more bluntly the illegal sharing of images presumable this is just digital or does it come under photographing images too?  I'm not really sure if I'm honest but I do know that as soon as it was mentioned my heart broke and part of my soul was destroyed in the harshest possible way.  I'll never get that back.

I am generally a suspicious person, it's my safety net because I have a hearing issue I try to see the fault before it occurs because dealing with that fault is traumatic and often requires a lot of help taking away my much striven for and needed independence.  Yet despite this it still never occurs to me when I stumble across something if it's "legal" or if it breaks copyright.

This lack of trust in humanity has never been an issue in crafting for me and the pain is physical when it's mentioned.  I remember decades ago it was all about sharing products, supporting one another and being helpful, now it feels like a competition and is stressful because of all the don't do this, don't do that.  Maybe it's my religious upbringing that makes me see others in a positive light, helping, sharing, caring or maybe I'm just a gentle soul who believes in the good things in life either way the harsh competitive world of crafting can be soul destroying for this little being so it's with mixed emotions, a heavy heart and damaged soul that I share this, the first of my 24 Scandi Stockings Advent Calendar.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Has crafting changed?

I don't normally blog unless I've something to share but don't panic I will find some non dt crafting to share with you so this isn't just a written post.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and last night a friend said something to me that made me realise how much crafting has changed for me and no doubt in small ways for others.  What did she say?  Well she said

"because if you take the people out the equation you enjoy it!"

This was of course the result of me feeling as though I don't spend enough time on crafting.  When I began crafting there were few products, it was years before Tim Holtz, celebrity crafters, long before craft tv channels and it was a huge struggle to get products not aimed at the preschooler market.  Although my love for craft and my creativity has indeed grown with the increase in products I feel that both the knowledge of these products and social media has indeed helped me to view craft in a different way that I fully admit detracts from the original love of craft I had.

My original love of craft was because of the following:

I could be myself and relax
I could express myself freely without fear of recrimination
I didn't have to "keep up" with latest trends, or what was popular

Now some may ask how that differs from my love of craft today well I now see my love of craft as:

Expressing myself
Cathartic expression
A failed attempt at "keeping up" with new products and techniques
Excluded because I have little to no interest in using ALL forms of social media
Excluded because I cannot hear or understand Craft Channels or You Tube
A fear of recrimination because I have a tendency to let my imagination run away and steer clear of anything that looks the same as every other hand made item.  

Don't get me wrong not all of this is bad, it's just that the thing wrong with this list is that it's negative heavy and somehow I NEED and MUST get this list of why I love of craft back to a positive heavy list.

I've made a start, I only blog what I feel comfortable sharing, I only link to my blog on facebook and twitter.  I've removed a LOT of people who have made me feel uncomfortable on facebook.  I no longer share photos on facebook unless it's a select few or I share to show someone then delete.  I'm making progress it's just that some days it doesn't feel as though that's enough.  I want crafting to be a full part of my life in a positive manner and sure if circumstances change then yes time wouldn't be of such an issue...but is time really the issue? 

What part of crafting means I need to spend hours searching for new products, new techniques because they are only shared via social media or methods I'm unable to use?  Why shouldn't they be accessible to all?  {Don't panic I'm not about to go an equal opportunity moan, I'm fully aware that nobody has to make anything at all accessible to me and quite frankly don't think they should, they are successfully reaching the majority and that is what counts!} Of course the obvious answers are they don't.  Neither of them are an essential part of craft.  The important bits of craft are:

  • My enjoyment
  • My creativity
  • My experiences
  • My Happiness

So how do I expand my creativity without the knowledge of new products?  That's the only question I'm unable to answer so any suggestions are most welcome.  I know it seems to many that I have veered from the question title of this blog post...Has crafting changed?

Well YES it has to me and whilst I know it will never go back to it's original state I do believe there will have to be and I will ensure there is a happy compromise, a fine balance that reintroduces the things I originally loved and have come to love about crafting whilst removing the negative aspects.