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Monday, 4 July 2016

Has crafting changed?

I don't normally blog unless I've something to share but don't panic I will find some non dt crafting to share with you so this isn't just a written post.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and last night a friend said something to me that made me realise how much crafting has changed for me and no doubt in small ways for others.  What did she say?  Well she said

"because if you take the people out the equation you enjoy it!"

This was of course the result of me feeling as though I don't spend enough time on crafting.  When I began crafting there were few products, it was years before Tim Holtz, celebrity crafters, long before craft tv channels and it was a huge struggle to get products not aimed at the preschooler market.  Although my love for craft and my creativity has indeed grown with the increase in products I feel that both the knowledge of these products and social media has indeed helped me to view craft in a different way that I fully admit detracts from the original love of craft I had.

My original love of craft was because of the following:

I could be myself and relax
I could express myself freely without fear of recrimination
I didn't have to "keep up" with latest trends, or what was popular

Now some may ask how that differs from my love of craft today well I now see my love of craft as:

Expressing myself
Cathartic expression
A failed attempt at "keeping up" with new products and techniques
Excluded because I have little to no interest in using ALL forms of social media
Excluded because I cannot hear or understand Craft Channels or You Tube
A fear of recrimination because I have a tendency to let my imagination run away and steer clear of anything that looks the same as every other hand made item.  

Don't get me wrong not all of this is bad, it's just that the thing wrong with this list is that it's negative heavy and somehow I NEED and MUST get this list of why I love of craft back to a positive heavy list.

I've made a start, I only blog what I feel comfortable sharing, I only link to my blog on facebook and twitter.  I've removed a LOT of people who have made me feel uncomfortable on facebook.  I no longer share photos on facebook unless it's a select few or I share to show someone then delete.  I'm making progress it's just that some days it doesn't feel as though that's enough.  I want crafting to be a full part of my life in a positive manner and sure if circumstances change then yes time wouldn't be of such an issue...but is time really the issue? 

What part of crafting means I need to spend hours searching for new products, new techniques because they are only shared via social media or methods I'm unable to use?  Why shouldn't they be accessible to all?  {Don't panic I'm not about to go an equal opportunity moan, I'm fully aware that nobody has to make anything at all accessible to me and quite frankly don't think they should, they are successfully reaching the majority and that is what counts!} Of course the obvious answers are they don't.  Neither of them are an essential part of craft.  The important bits of craft are:

  • My enjoyment
  • My creativity
  • My experiences
  • My Happiness

So how do I expand my creativity without the knowledge of new products?  That's the only question I'm unable to answer so any suggestions are most welcome.  I know it seems to many that I have veered from the question title of this blog post...Has crafting changed?

Well YES it has to me and whilst I know it will never go back to it's original state I do believe there will have to be and I will ensure there is a happy compromise, a fine balance that reintroduces the things I originally loved and have come to love about crafting whilst removing the negative aspects.

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