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Friday, 12 August 2016

Flower show entry and some sewing

Tomorrow is the annual church flower show.  This year I've chosen to enter into five categories.

Photography {last year I placed first with a Fordson Major tractor for the Rural theme} the theme is All Creatures Great and Small  I am entering this:  I predict that I will get either unplaced or third at best this time because I'm unsure about the photo orientation, I'm not sure if we can do portrait so I do suspect that there could be a disqualification in the line for me.

I am also entering the chutney section with Runner Bean Chutney.  I predict the size of jar could be an issue here, that and I don't know anyone who makes runner bean chutney these days oh and I'm not keen on spices so it only has turmeric and mustard in it.

I am entering the jam category, I predict another disqualification with my rhubarb and strawberry jam.  It's in a kilner jar not a screw lid and I don't know if that's allowed.

I am entering the brownies category:  I predict these may be undercooked and therefore won't place because I've a dodgy oven and the outside was already charcoal.

Lastly I am entering the scones category.  I predict a commended at best because mine are not very good, they taste divine and for home baked are great but they don't all look the same!

The results of the flower show can be found on this blog post {just click the link to go straight there!}:  Scrapbooking and flower show results

I have also been sewing lately.  I've made an apron, my very first item from a pattern.

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  1. Very cool stuff - I love the look of those brownies and scones !!! Yummy xoxo


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