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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Scrapbooking, flower show results and a book review

Firstly the important bit some scrapbooking: I've just Brushos, die cuts and some gems on these layouts.

Now to the flower show results.  I didn't place in Jam, Chutney or Photography.

I got first in Brownies {dairy free using goats butter and dairy free chocolate}

I got first in Scones again using goats butter

Now I promise I won't post about every book I read or you'll soon tire of it, however, that said I read an unusual book the other day.  According to yes by Dawn French.  I loathed her autobiography and I confess it's one of the few Genre's I don't enjoy.  That said Dawn is a witty, comical and imaginative novelist.  This book is one not to be missed.  According to yes see's school teacher Rosie Kitto head to New York to leave her disastrous life of a failed relationship and failed attempts to get pregnant both naturally and through IVF behind her.  She takes a nannying position for twin 8 year old boys and soon builds a very intimate relationship with the family, not to spoil anything but lets just say Rosie got more than she bargained for as did the family she was working for!  Please do pick up a copy {it's not out in paperback} and give this book a try.

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  1. YaY !!! Many Congrats on your Wins Sall :-) Fabulous xoxoxoxo


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