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Monday, 12 September 2016

James Patterson ~ Alert

This book is a truly incredible, gripping and emotion provoking read.  Alert sees Detective Michael Bennett return from spending time with Nanny and lover Mary Catherine in Ireland.  Upon his return Bennett takes the lead on a case where someone has blown up two subway stations killing at least three people.

Immediately words such as Terrorism and 9/11 are thrust into the book and as a reader this pulls on the emotions and memories of 9/11.  Shortly after the Mayor is shot, assassination style like the US President was.  The case deepens when no Terrorist group claims responsibility but that doesn't mean it's all over and the citizens of New York are safe, it appears New York is under a nuclear attack.

As everyone rushes to evacuate hospitals and thousands are stuck when their cars magically breakdown it becomes apparent it is not a Nuclear attack but an EMP {Electromagnetic Pulse} that stops anything electric from working.  Things go from bad to worse, the FBI building is blown up and comes crashing down in a spooky replica of the Twin Towers on 9/11, then comes the threat of a man made Tsunami even bigger than the 04 Indian Ocean Tusnami which again is mentioned in the book pulling on the emotive memories of such a catastrophic natural disaster.

Needless to say the book ending is rather disappointing I'd actually got to the last few chapters and been intrigued throughout not to mention thrilled at the lack of predictability and repetitive story-lines.  Sadly this wasn't to continue, Bennett is yet again kidnapped and it's down to FBI Agent Emily to save his life {again}.  I can't let this spoil the book though...the book was perfect bar this repetitiveness and for this reason I can over look the predictable ending.

If you get a chance I highly recommend that you read this book.

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