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I was born in June 1981, I'm a hearing impaired paper-crafter who loves all things crafty. I sew, although I'm still very much a novice at sewing. I bake and cook hopefully all kinds of delicious treats. I have a huge passion for photography and the camera {yes I'm old school I still use an actual camera} is never far from me. I also love creative writing from making up sentiments/verses for my cards and other paper-craft projects to penning some fiction. I am an avid reader and I may even throw in some book reviews on here too!

Monday, 26 June 2017

An hour at the beach

I've struggled for the last couple of weeks.  I needed a change, well a break really from things that were going wrong, everything keeps breaking down or needs replacing and I've just struggled a little to keep on top of things.  I've also been trying to deal with the emotional side of not returning to lipreading next term.  They have changed the location and it's just too far and would cost too much for me to get there.  I'm going to miss the people a lot and I'm scared that the confidence I've found in the last term will be lost.  This morning despite everything that's been going on I was desperate for a change and so we went to Exmouth just for an hour.  Granted a bit of a trek just for an hour but it helped.  I was very well behaved with the camera and these are the only photos I took.

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  1. So sorry to hear that you are having a bad time Sall. Sending cuddles xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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