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Monday, 28 August 2017

Art Journaling and some creative writing.

This time I wanted to art journal a poem I had written for Carers UK creative writing competition.  I knew the kind of image I wanted to use to depict it but couldn't find it or remember what it was called, thankfully Ike is a genius and knew exactly what I was rambling about and produced the right image instantly.  As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect. It was also the exact image I was looking for and couldn't find.  What's that saying there is none so blind as those that cannot see, well I sure couldn't see when I was looking for that image.  I'll paste the poem underneath too.  I know I'm not good at poetry in fact I'm fairly terrible but I enjoyed having a go.

Stuck in the past

I sit and smile what I hope is attentively
My mind elsewhere but I can’t miss this chance
As recognition dawns she grins mischievously
As her hands begin to finger spell
Creating my first genuine smile

I love that she knows I can’t hear
I just wish I knew the subject
Instead it’s new, something she holds dear
A trend or fad that soon will end
rather like me, something stuck in time
to history the topic will ascend

She tries, she changes topic, it’s all the same
I sit and smile attentively
Appreciate the company is my aim
For the end is nigh
Many Moons will pass, the months have flown
everyday the same
As I start and end each day alone

Christmas comes again
That time of year when friends come near
Sharing fun and laughter, Stories old and new
Its the new that installs the fear
A subject unbeknown to me

The charade repeats itself
Blissfully unaware of the subject
Attentively I smile
oh to be in times gone by,
an understood lifestyle
Of shared trends and fads

The end is nigh once more
Alone I stand
The moons pass by
Over both our homeland
yet with a sigh
The tears fall silently
Belying the inner gratitude
That she had tried

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  1. ACK !! This is so awesome Sall. The pages are wonderful and that image works very well. That is a fantastic poem.... absolutely marvelous.
    I hope you win :-)
    Thanks for using one of my images on there :-D
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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