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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Anonymous Letter turned into Art Journaling.

I am still on the theme of loneliness and the Carers UK campaigns, this time it's an anonymous letter to someone who made you feel more or less lonely.  I've chosen someone who made me feel more lonely and utterly worthless.  There's still time if you want to enter the letter competition.  It has come about after some work by the late Jo Cox.  Anonymous letter campaign just click that link to submit your entry if you want to participate.

I will paste a copy of my letter underneath but in the meantime I have used dylusions paints and Distress oxides to create this page about my letter. I've used images from Ikes Art to support the page.

Dear ________________________

I want to let you know that when I last saw you, it wasn’t my idea to have an appointment but that of the person I spoke to on the phone. I was unwell and very scared because I wasn’t coping. I apologised for being there and you told “we’re too accessible these days”. At which point I began to cry, not that it mattered you didn’t notice or if you did you weren’t interested.

It didn’t matter if I said something clearly or stumbled my way through, the courage I’d found after a week of little to no sleep and struggling to speak to you, to ask for help had vanished. I struggled to understand the rest of the conversation but I got the gist I was wasting your time being here, I wasn’t important enough, unwell enough or struggling enough to deserve your time.

I apologised again leaving in tears with your idea of a solution, a prescription you had signed for me, a prescription that changed nothing bar to make me feel worse, yes in your eagerness to get rid of me you hadn’t asked or checked if I could even take what you had given me. I couldn’t, neither did I have the courage or the strength to contact you or any of your colleagues again...I’m just a carer, someone who does nothing and deserves nothing but struggles but most of all I am not worthy of your time.

Your Faithfully

Sall Baker

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  1. So sad..... a really moving piece Sall :-( xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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