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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Thursday Adventure ~ DonkeyThemed

Today's Thursday Adventure took me to the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth.  I have a few different memories from there but I have not visited in at least a decade.  When I got there I could not believe how much it's changed.  I first visited as a 15 year old taking deaf and hearing impaired children there for Donkey Assisted Therapy. {Ironically I didn't even have a confirmed diagnosis that I was hearing impaired/deaf then despite being deaf from birth} I was thrilled to see that still happens.  I have visited twice since then, firstly with a neighbour and her grandchildren for a very uneventful visit and then once with my Dad's mum for a craft fair.  That too was relatively uneventful.  

This time it was eventful not only did it rain and I got soaked but I was shocked at the number of buildings and all the building work going on.  They have a cafe now which wasn't even thought about the last time I visited.  I have a love hate relationship with Donkeys, I love them they hate me!  I remember the summer I started High School I was with another family at Weston Super Mare and we were offered Donkey rides.  We all had a go, being the oldest I figured this would be easy...I was so wrong!  The two younger children managed easily I however, had a Donkey named Lightening that lived up to it's name and bolted all the way down to the turning point and back!  I'm not sure how but I managed to stay on.  Happily these Donkey's were far more friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed myself today.  

The only thing that disappointed me on today's visit was the fact that although the Donkey names were on display there was no information about anything else.  The sanctuary is a charity and yet there were no information boards about how much it costs to keep a donkey, presumably if they are rescued there is initial vet fees, at some point food is bought, staff to care for them, yet I'm still none the wiser about any of that.

These Donkey's were rolling around to get rid of the flies that were pestering them.

These are Mules or Hinnies although one has a similar coat to a Yak or Camel so I'm not sure what it is crossed with.

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