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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Thursday Adventure ~ Barrington Court

Today's Thursday Adventure took me to Barrington Court.  It was a mixed feeling.  I needed ear plugs for the screaming children and I had to bite my tongue a few times too.  Especially at the parents lifting their children over the fencing to play on the "closed due to crumbling statues" areas, the statues were clearly crumbling and in need of care.  What kind of person puts a child in danger?  The statues could easily break and large lumps of stone fall on a small child causing serious harm. What kind of person has so little respect for someone else's property they encourage children to throw litter around?  There were several adults and children throwing down crisp packets and juice bottles and walking off leaving them there. 

Despite that it was a beautiful place with gorgeous grounds and delicate wood carving in the house.  Autumn was in full swing but despite the lack of leaves it was utterly beautiful and so good to be outside relaxing in nature.


  1. Lovely photos Sall. That looks like an amazing place... I'd love to live there. :-)
    It does all look rather cold and wintry though - I expected to see frost on the ground !!! At least it's a darn site warmer here in the Winter for my poor old bones :-) xxxx

  2. I enjoyed scrolling through your photos - some beautiful shots of indoors and out. Hazel x


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