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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Scrapping, a double layout.

This is the one post that makes me anxious.  I'm not a natural scrapper, I find it hard to follow the "rules" that were talked about so often when Docrafts first emerged and now I feel a failure if I don't follow those rules. 

I admit I got part way through this layout and reached out to a couple of people who I thought still scrapped.   I didn't get any replies so kept to what I knew - journal straight onto the page and have a meltdown when it goes wrong, or hide it under a photo on a tag which proves limiting when you return to look at the pages once they are placed in an album.

As you can see I went for straight on the page style and by some miracle managed not to mess it up.  This layout is part of several pages using photos from a lipreading trip to Paignton Zoo.  We had a great time with wonderful company.  Nobody complained at how long we took at each exhibit and everyone got to see what they wanted to see.

I have happy memories of the day but for me personally I came away with a lot of unanswered questions such as -

  • How do keepers ensure animals such as saltwater crocodiles have an active and as near natural life as possible in an enclosure when they swim for thousands of miles alone coastlines and out to sea in the wild?
  • How do they help non indigenous animals adapt to the climate?
  • How keepers deal with dangerous animals like the cassowary?
  • How natural environments are recreated without native flora and fauna?
  • How they help animals adapt to different foods than they would have in the wild?
  • How they help animals to deal with the noise of visitors?
  • Why is there no information regarding if the animal is endangered and why, e.g. Rhinos and poaching for the ivory trade?
All these things bothered me at the time and creating these pages over a year later they still make me wonder.  The zoo states that it is educational but I struggle to see how when there is so little information offered.  

Now here is my layout of the desert and Cacti biome and what I hope is the start of many more scrapbook layouts in the coming year.

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  1. Fabulous pages Sall and some very good questions you asked here. :-) I look forward to seeing more pages. I have only ever made 1 scrapbook but it was of someone's wedding. I'm never sure what to do LoL xx


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