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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Why art journaling and what it means to me...with a humours page inspired by a good friend.

It has taken me a very long time to reach a point where I am confident with art journaling and feel as though it comes from my heart and soul.  It has become instinctive and cathartic helping me to express emotions and thoughts that remain confused in my brain until I complete the creation.  Often any text I add only comes to me at the very last moment if at all.  Almost all of my inspiration comes from stressful points in my life or from inspiring and creative conversations with friends.

Recently I have started to share my art journaling here on my blog but to be honest that is not the point of art journling, yet me for me it helps me to communicate to others the person I am and how I feel, think, express myself and of course a way to share opinions.  Yet despite this art journaling is not about it being liked, understood or for others to agree with it, it is solely about me.

I can be inspired by the most random of things and find that art journaling allows me the freedom to create things that are far from the norm without worrying that other people may be upset by it like they could be if I had made a card or something for another person.

Before I share and explain this current page in my journal I thought I'd be honest yet a little negative. I am having a bad day.  I am tired, cold, and have no balance at all, my ankle {an old injury mean's it's weak} hurts from losing my balance this morning and I just feel utterly useless, capable of nothing and just generally upset and pathetic...basically yesterday was a long busy day and I am paying for it so I am curled up under a blanket altering blog backgrounds and writing daft posts to annoy anyone unfortunate enough to read it.

This post was inspired by a conversation about plans and packing in people like cattle rather than giving them lot's of space on a plane.  I couldn't get he concept from my mind and made this page about how Cow's Can Fly, straight out a plane with a parachute.

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  1. Aaaaah - excellent...... flying Mooeys :-D Can you imagine looking up and seeing a herd of cows floating down ?? hahahahaha
    So sorry you are feeling way under the weather today - probably doing too much.... slow down a bit Woman !!!!!
    I am really loving this new Blog background - it's just so gorgeous. :-)
    I wish I did more journaling. I always find it such a struggle and it's hard for me to 'flow'. I thinks it's where you said about journaling being a way to express yourself and put yourself down on paper - I have myself all shut up inside and don't feel free to slap it down on pages. That's probably why I can't journal very well :-(

    Well - I hope you start feeling better soon and can shake off this "Fugg" that has attacked you.
    Huggies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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