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Friday, 2 March 2018

Beast from the East...Storm Emma discovers Mid Devon

These were taken this morning after the storm arrived in Devon.  We last had snow about eight years ago, it wasn't like this though, it was deep and soft and great to snowman building and snowball fights, it was easy to walk on and led to some incredible walks and views of nature....this a new experience, the snow has drifted and is about 2 feet high in places, needless to say the furthest I have ventured is the doorway.

The snowdrift blocking the gate and pathway {the only way in to the house}

Storm Emma brought some winds who enjoyed re positioning the snow

The back door is a sheet of ice, and any windows facing that way now have frosted glass{they didn't before!}

Amazingly it hasn't come too far up the door

There are plant pots under that snow drift somewhere!

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  1. Cripes !!! That looks bloomin' freezing Sall. I hope you stay warm and your pipes are ok. :-) We have got fierce winds here on my island :-( xxxx


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