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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Deaf Girl flies solo at the Grand Western Canal on Deaf Awareness Week

It's Deaf Awareness week and this pic copyrighted to Action On Hearing Loss says everything I wish I had the nerve to tell people I come into contact with.

It's easy to think that deaf awareness week has nothing to do with my Thursday Adventures but being deaf is the sole reason I am doing them.  I used to attend lip reading classes on a Thursday morning but a change of location has made that complicated.  I've been doing things that I would normally let my deafness stop me from doing.  Well unless I took someone with me of course.  However armed with a National Trust membership and by making a credit card size piece of card with information telling people I'm deaf I have forced myself to go to different places that I have always enjoyed but always thought weren't suitable for me.

If you scroll back through this blog you will see various places I have visited and slowly I have gained confidence in speaking to others.  I have immersed myself in history, Nature and architecture and learnt a lot.  I have also found that I am enjoying being who I really am and not letting either being deaf or other peoples opinions influence my decisions or the things I attempt to do.

I have walked the Grand Western Canal many times, I know a fair bit about it's history but it's the nature element I really enjoy.  I love seeing the animals.  I had hopped to spot some signets but sadly time was against me and I didn't walk far enough to find them.  

Whilst at the Canal I was reminded of a trip to the canal many moons ago so I took a photo of myself giggling at the memory of when I took these photos.  At the time I was singing Nursery Rhymes down the phone to a friend!

Anyway on to the photos I took today!

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  1. Oh I used to be so busy during DA week and I think it's such a shame that I haven't used my Sign Language in so many years after all that studying :-(
    Wonderful pictures - reminds me of when I had a narrowboat..... loved it soooo much :-D x


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