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Monday, 7 May 2018

May Bank Holiday Road Run

It's that time of year {again} when I am either dressed like an Inuit freezing in Hail, Sleet, Snow and ice to photograph tractors or I'm in a flimsy summer dress turning a delightful shade of cooked lobster!  Today we were blessed with sun...so yes I'm turning into a cooked Lobster. Actually as this is going to be scheduled to appear the day after the road run it was yesterday not today.  

I often wonder quite how I end up doing this and then I realised it's quite simple...my Dad participates and therefore I turn up to photograph it.  It is all in aid of Charity and whatever the weather a lot of people turn out.  An appearance from spectators is always welcome by those driving the tractors and as this is a relatively small number of participants {approx 50 to 60} it is all over relatively quickly. 

 This year I forgot though and it was all a last minute thing, to be honest the whole bank holiday has snuck up on me and I am not at all prepared for it.  I don't know why or how but I guess things have been really busy for quite some time now and time especially the weeks have escaped me.  Because it was a last minute take off with the camera there was no picnic to be enjoyed whilst waiting for them to get to the spot on the route chosen for the best photography options.  However the weather meant that it wasn't too much of a hardship waiting and the heat wave meant I wasn't reliant on a flask of hot drinks to keep me warm!

So without further waffling here are the forty odd photos I took whilst they made it past our point on the route.

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