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I was born in June 1981, I'm a hearing impaired paper-crafter who loves all things crafty. I sew, although I'm still very much a novice at sewing. I bake and cook hopefully all kinds of delicious treats. I have a huge passion for photography and the camera {yes I'm old school I still use an actual camera} is never far from me. I also love creative writing from making up sentiments/verses for my cards and other paper-craft projects to penning some fiction. I am an avid reader and I may even throw in some book reviews on here too!

Friday, 4 May 2018

Spring has Sprung

I try not to post too many times a week but I wanted this one to be posted before Spring had totally finished which meant slotting it in somewhere.  Once the snow had gone and the sun appeared, albeit not for long this is the UK after all, I wanted to celebrate that spring was finally appearing with daffodils and bluebells.

I've used a combination of images on this art journal page...firstly the woman is from Ikes Art and the Hydrangea is from my favourite physical stamp store Hobby Art

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