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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Seaton Wetlands

WOW what an adventure last week {I am now a week behind on blogging any adventures because blogspot takes forever in uploading photos and I can't get them done the same day}.  I had the wrong postcode and ended up at an auction place rather than the wetlands...a quick google and a trip via the cemetary got there.

Once there I thought this looks great, the first hide had a wonderful view over the water with herons, ducks and swans.  Brilliant!  So then I decided to venture a bit further.  I got as far as a group of children screaming and birds flying in all directions.  I decided to keep going and locate a quieter place.  Now from the first hide I could see the tram line to the right/left of me...one or the other I'm not that great with right or left.

So I kept walking and found myself by a little stream which was beautiful and then off I went thinking this is great the signpost says another hide in that direction so at least I was heading the right way...although in hindsight maybe I should have taken a photo of the very few and extra far between maps!  I walked and walked and found myself on a tarmac path which wasn't too bad but then it rained...total downpour.  Both me and camera were soaked!

I saw the sign for the hide again and figured it was closer than going back so kept walking...straight through a field.  Not too bad for the first part BUT the second part, once I'd crossed the waterlogged parts, was just field.  I double checked and the sign pointed that way so off I went.  Through boggy fields.  HMMMM....yup you got it it GOT WORSE! I should have clicked and turned back when I realised that the tram line was now IN FRONT OF ME but no I kept going and I found myself in a field of cows.  Now I've lived rural all my life and often walked bridleways, footpaths etc that went through fields with cows but as yet I have NEVER found a friendly herd of cows who haven't thundered towards me to investigate.  These however seemed to find me something of a joke!  As I trudged my way through the field they looked at me, at each other and you could see them smirk, laugh and go back to sleep because whoever this woman attempting to get through the field was, she was clearly no threat to the cows.  At this point I should have turned back but no not me I kept going trudging through the boggy grass trying not to get stuck and made it to the DEAD END that wasn't even a hide but a platform in the RAIN!

At that point the camera threw a tantrum and wouldn't work but hey never mind it had the miles of walking back to the main place before it needed to work anyway. I walked back through the cows who this time didn't even bother to look at me.  I reversed the route I'd taken and somehow got back to the main paths.  Part of me wanted to find the coastal hide but after that particular fiasco I decided not to risk it and went back to the Island Hide and then around to the Tower Hide.  However, the camera still hasn't forgiven me for putting it through another downpour and my photos are somewhat blurry.

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