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Friday, 22 June 2018

Wisdom Art Journal Page

I've used an image from Ikes Art called Athena for this journal page.  I have occasionally been said I can be wise and for some reason I felt the image matched a quote about wisdom because Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom.  I've used part of a quote I hear often "they say wisdom comes with age"  I've then used something I believe as a quote too. 

"I believe it comes from experience.  Learning from our own and others mistakes".

This means that someone of any age can be wise, they just need to observe, learn and be open minded so they can see things from every perspective and be able to see the logic and reasoning in a perspective that at first they may not want to agree with.  

I also want to talk about the products I have used.  I don't normally talk much about products other than to say that I love them.  This time I love the effect but I don't really love the product.  After much searching I realised that the new pixie powder from Cosmic Shimmer is essentially Mica Powder with a new name and in a new style pot.  The idea is to "puff" it out and it sprinkles everywhere.  This doesn't happen it comes out in large amounts and you can't get it back in so it's just a waste.  The colours are fabulous and it gives a great watercolor effect but I can get that by using brushos and adding mica powder for sparkle.  All in all I prefer the old Mica Powder!

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  1. WoW ! That's gorgeous Sall and I definitely agree with your saying :-) I love the effect you got with the powders. I have never used them but they sound as if they would go everywhere and on me LoL
    Thank you very much for using one of my images.
    IKE x

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