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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Friendship thanks

This will be my last post this year.  I've had a fabulous year crafting and sharing on here but it's time for a break to enjoy the festive season and return in the new year with the same or even increased passion for craft and expression through craft.

I've made a kind of promise to myself that next year I will be focusing less on cards, I'll have to make the usual birthday and Christmas cards but I won't be going for the traditional methods.  I want to have the same freedom I have with art journaling in card making because I hope this will make it less stressful. I'm not a natural card maker and I stress a lot over card making and then feel very disappointed that I haven't achieved anywhere near the high standard natural card makers achieve.  This year that stress and disappointment has taken the joy out of crafting for me and I can't wait to get that back.

Here is a card I whipped up quickly as part of the facebook challenge for Ike's World fanpage.  As I had the opportunity to make a card I wanted to make a thank you card for a friend who has supported me recently when I was trying to be independent and struggling.

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  1. Such a super card Sall :-) If you are going to do Journaling maybe we can do it together cuz I want to learn :-D Have a great Crimbo break xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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