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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Around the world in cultures

For years I have been interested in history and how we got to where we are today, how our ancestors made the world how we know it now.  Along the way cultures and beliefs have come and gone but to me they are still the root point from which we all stem.  I love learning about historic cultures and what influences we still share with them today.  I had this insane idea that I wanted to use my crafting to explore these cultures, no doubt inspired by some of the world series images over at Ikes Art.  I spoke to Ike and she very kindly drew some more images to help me travel the world.  I used a downloadable world map for the base of my journal pages.

Today is International Romani Day, at the heart of Romani is travelling and as far as I can tell this is a perfect way to start my world tour of cultures.  On the tour I take in countries from Australia and New Zealand right the way up to the Inuits in the Artic Circle.

My Romani travellers are starting from my destination in the UK, this will include Ireland. Before I talk about Ireland I am going to share some information on International Romani Day.

The first official Romani day was in 1990 in Serock {Poland}at the site of the fourth World Romani Congress of the International Romani Union and was in honour of the first major international meeting which occurred between the 7-12th of April 1971 near London.

The day is used to celebrate the Romani culture and draw attention to the discrimination Romani's face.  Romanis have an anthem called the Gelem Gelem which along with their flag being flown is sung.  The language of the romani can be notably different and is related to the Northern Indian Dialect of Punjab.  Romanis have no distinct faith but are often religious.  Romanis are considered a non-territorial nation.

Now we pop over to Ireland:

Ireland or Eire in Irish is the Republic of Ireland {Or Southern Ireland that has independence from the UK}.  Irish or Irish Gaelic is the country's first language yet English is more commonly spoken.  St Patricks day is the official national holiday for the country and is held on March the 17th and the Shamrock is the country's national symbol.

I am the first to admit the journal pages didn't turn out how I imagined them to.  I have good days and bad with the, in which I do like the meaning behind them and the journaling and images on them but not the end product.

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  1. Such a great page Sall - I have been so looking forward to your world tour :-D Thank you for using my images to play with.
    IKE xxx

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