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Friday, 10 February 2017

Helen Bailey ~ Electra Brown Series

I don't write a lot of blog posts about books I read.  I read a LOT of books and quite honestly some aren't worth the energy to put them on the book shelf let alone write about them.  That said recently I stumbled across the Electra Brown series by Helen Bailey.  When I discovered the series I had never heard of Helen or her untimely death.  It was only when I was on the second or third book in the series the news of her tragic death by murder was in the news as her murderer came to trial.

The Electra Brown series is aimed at teenagers but there is so much that an adult can take away from the books.  The books for me personally mirrors life in some instances.  There is humour all the way and real laugh out loud moments.  The last book in the series is bittersweet, the content is touching and pulls on your heart strings, I was sobbing for Electra's friend {and her friends family} and at the same time the knowledge that this is going to be the last book forever.

I cannot recommend the books enough, not because of the tragic demise and loss of such a talented woman but because they are incredible books.  Her talent will live on forever in these books and should be experienced, shared and enjoyed by all.

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