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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Around the World in Cultures

Wow part five of my travels already!  This time I'm starting in America and heading up through Alaska to the Artic Circle.

In America I looked specifically at Native Americans and learnt that:

  • Native Americans are often called American Indians
  • The Sequia tree is named after the Cherokee leader Sequoyah
  • Many Native American words have been absorbed into English, Chia, Chilli, Chocolate, Coyote and Poncho
  • Native Americans served in WW1
  • Sioux was adopted by the French from the Lakota people

I love learning about other cultures and recently have become slightly obsessed in watching Life Below Zero and seeing how they survive in the Artic Circle so I have learnt that:

  • The Inuits are also called Inuk
  • There are three groups called:  Inughuit, Tunmitt and Ka laallit 
  • Rubbing noses is a form of kissing
  • Their diet is predominately meat and fish
  • They travel on dog sledges and Qajaqs

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  1. Another great page Sall. It must be great fun researching all the information for your pages :-D Thank you for using my images
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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